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Removal of Conditional Basis

Conditional Permanent Resident Status

I-751 Removal of Conditional basis

If you have received "Conditional" permanent resident status, that is a Permanent Resident Card valid only for two years, you will need to apply for removal of conditional basis of the card.

The application must be filled within the prescribed period of time- not too early not too late, or the application could be rejected.

If the conditional permanent residency status is based on marriage, you will have to establish the"bona fides" of the marriage.

If the marriage that was the basis for permanent residency status has ended, or will soon end, it may still be possible to apply for removal of the conditional basis.

So long as the marriage was bona fide at its inception, you may be able to retain your permanent resident status even if the marriage ends in divorce prior to the end of the two-year period of conditional residence.