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Chicago Law Firm – Immigration Practice Areas

"America, always a land of immigrants, continues to offer prospective immigrants the possibility of a better life."   Attorney Scott M. Beller

Helping You Seek a Better Life through Immigration

Immigration Attorney Scott M. Beller with more than 30 years of experience, has dedicated his law practice to help employers, individuals and their families make optimal use of U.S. immigration laws and live a better life.

The Immigration and Nationality Act provides for temporary and permanent visas based on a number of categories. As your immigration lawyer, Scott M. Beller will review your background and your immigration goals and help you select the category the offers you the greatest chance of success.

Our Law firm represents clients in the following legal areas:

Non-immigrant or Temporary Visas
  • H1B specialty workers
  • L-1 intercompany transferees
  • F-1 student visas
  • J-1 exchange visitors
  • K-1 fiancé of U.S. citizens
  • O persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics
  • P athletes and group entertainers
  • R religious workers
  • TN professional workers from Canada or Mexico (pursuant to NAFTA)
Immigrant or Permanent Residency Visas
  • Family-based immigration
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Aliens of extraordinary ability
  • Outstanding professors and researchers
  • Managers and executives of multinational corporations
  • Professionals with advanced degrees or aliens of exceptional ability
  • Waivers based on national interest
  • Foreign medical graduates
  • Nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists
  • Skilled workers
  • Religious workers
  • PERM/Labor Certification
  • Employment-creation visas, based on investment in the U.S.
Citizenship (Naturalization)
Asylum Removal
(Deportation) Hearings