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Many people don't like working with large immigration law firms because they don't receive personal service. Often, the attorney they meet at their initial consultation is not the person who ends up working on their case. Their file may be given to an inexperienced associate lawyer or a paralegal who does not know them.

At the law office of Scott M. Beller, in Chicago, Illinois we understand Immigration is about personal issues and personal goals, and that our clients deserve an immigration lawyer who will give them personal attention at every step of the immigration process, and who will be there to answer their questions.

Immigration Attorney Scott M. Beller has been practicing in the area of immigration law for more than 30 years. During that time, he had helped many hundreds of clients through the procedures of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (formerly I.N.S.) and the Department of Homeland Security.

Attorney Scott M. Beller represents individuals who seek temporary work visas (employment visa) as well as green cards for permanent U.S. residency. He represents family members of U.S. immigrants who wish to immigrate.

He also represents businesses that want to bring skilled workers to the United States or obtain appropriate visas for workers already in the United States.

At Scott M. Beller & Associates Immigration Law Firm appointments are scheduled at our client's earliest convenience, phone calls and E-mails are answered promptly, our clients are kept informed at every stage of their immigration process.